Many sports involve physical contact which can put a great deal of strain on the back, neck and shoulders. Over the years, more and more professional sports teams and athletes have increasingly looked to Doctors of Chiropractic to help prevent, diagnose and treat their sports-related injuries.

Currently, every NFL football team and the majority of college and high school athletic programs have a doctor of chiropractic available to treat their players. Reflecting the expertise of a DC, 2010 marked the first time that D.C.s occupied the two top positions for the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) medical team.

Preventing sports-related injuries

The physical demands endured by athletes lead to injuries accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort, impaired functionality and other debilitating conditions.

As preventive care specialists, doctors of chiropractic suggest athletes, of all ages, take the following steps to properly prepare for games:

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  • Always include a proper warm up and stretching session before practice and games
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment and be sure it fits properly
  • Maintain good nutrition to achieve necessary energy levels
  • Hydrate to prevent overheating and cramping
  • Rest the body before and after activity, using ice for any inflammation
  • Discuss all of your symptoms with coaches, trainers and doctors