Parenting & Children

Parenting includes unpredictable situations in which it is important to be able to ensure the safety of both yourself and your children. Trained in wellness and health prevention, doctors of chiropractic can offer safety advice to parents. Additionally, DC's can also help parents manage the stress commonly associated with raising a family.

Pushing Stroller Safety

As more parents use jogging strollers, baby carriers and bike trailers to enjoy the outdoors with their toddlers, experts stress the importance of protecting children from spinal cord injuries.

"About 11,000 people suffer from spinal cord injuries annually, and developing children are particularly vulnerable," says Gerard W. Clum, D.C.

Dr. Clum says parents should always be aware of how a device positions a child's neck or spine, and should follow manufacturer safety instructions when using a stroller or similar equipment.

Safety tips for Stroller Use:

  • Always properly secure a child in the device
  • Avoid carrying or pushing a load that maybe be too heavy
  • Practice using the device before attempting to use it with your child.

Improving Pregnancy care

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, it may be best to baby your back and joints. Pregnant women tend to experience added stress on their lower back and pelvic joints, which can result in pain and - in certain cases - prenatal complications.

According to Jason Rexroth, M.D., an OB-GYN specialist, chiropractic pregnancy care is the best solutions. "It treats ailments but also significantly reduces reliance on pain and narcotic medications," he explains.

This isn't exactly some "new wave" idea. Women have relied on chiropractic care during pregnancy since as fat back as the early 1900's.